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10 of the Best Lubes You Can Use During Sex

Nowadays, lubricants have become necessity during sex, with some even refusing to have intercourse without it. But who can blame them? Lubes offer more satisfying and fun intercourse, especially for inexperienced individuals.

But you shouldn’t just use any lube you want. Some have certain features that can make your sex experience either pure bliss or a nightmare. Hence, if you’re looking for a lube that can aid you during fun sexy times, here are 10 of the best lubricants you should check out.


Überlube is a silicone-based lubricant that comes in a beautiful and discrete bottle that looks like a cologne. With its packaging, you can leave the lube standing on your vanity or in your bathroom for easy access whenever you need it.

Silicone-based lubes are long-lasting, and you do not need to re-apply it during sex. Constantly re-applying lube can only ruin intimacy, leading to a decrease in sex drive. However, silicone-lubes should not be used for silicone sex toys as it can break the toy.

Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

This lube is specifically made for anal sex as it can provide a relaxing effect with the natural jojoba extract present in the product. It’s also a silicone-based lubricant that has a long-lasting effect.

Pjur backdoor relaxing anal glide also has a moisturizing effect that can make skin smooth and soft. It is also safe for condoms and can provide a more pleasing effect if paired with Pjur backdoor anal spray.

LELO Personal Moisturizer

Another well-presented lubricant that can be mistaken for a perfume, LELO personal moisturizer is a water-based lubricant for light and non-greasy feel. With its water-based formula, it is safe to use with most sex toys and latex condoms.

It comes in an unscented variant, with no glycerine and paraben added, that makes it safe to be used by everyone. With its packaging, you can carry it anywhere you go without any worries. The LELO formula is enriched with aloe vera to moisturize your skin.

FLIP Personal Lubricant

A water-based lubricant specially formulated for anal sex that is most recommended to use,  Flip has a unique formulation that, although it is a water-based lube, has a smooth texture that’s like a silicone-based lubricant.

It is not your typical water-based lube. Flip added both healthy and low osmolar ingredients that make the product less likely to dehydrate the skin around your anal area, avoiding irritation during anal sex.

Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil

This lube is coconut-based, with some added stevia and vanilla extract for sweetness and flavour. If you are fond of oral sex, this lube could be the best option to bring into your foreplay. Plus, there is no need to clean it off as the coconut-based product will seep into your skin and leave it moisturized.

Woo more play coconut love oil is also packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It also has a germ-fighting component with no irritating additives that can potentially cause discomfort to your body’s sensitive part.

ID Moments Lubricant

For people who have sensitive skin but still want to experience good sex, ID Moments present their hypoallergenic lubricant that allows you to enjoy without worrying about itchiness and irritations.

These hypoallergenic lubricants come in 10ml pillows packaging, which allows you to carry it anywhere and use it anytime you need it. This lubricant is also the best for people who are mindful of what they are putting on their bodies. You can purchase this hypoallergenic lubricant at where you can also find more exciting sex products.


If you want an extensive range of flavour, JO H2O lube might fit your taste as they offer various flavours that you can choose from. They have succulent watermelon, chocolate, raspberry sorbet, and many more.

This lube is a delicious way to enjoy sex, which will give you and your partner more fun and pleasurable experience. Try experimenting with the flavours you and your partner both love and see how both of you will enjoy it.

Sliquid Silver

An organic and all-natural lubricant for your sex adventures, Sliquid Silver, is silicone-based and is long-lasting compared to water-based lubes and other silicone-based lubricants in the market. This lubricant is very slippery, making it more ideal for anal sex and masturbation for both men and women.

If you love making love in a shower or a bathtub, Sliquid can accompany you as you pleasure yourself or your partner during shower play. Because it is a silicon-based lubricant, it is highly advised that you clean up thoroughly with soap and water.

Jimmyjane Personal Lubricant

Jimmyjane Personal Lubricant is another lubricant that’s great for your sex toys as it comes in a water-based variant. Although it is water-based, it has a gel-like consistency that enables you to apply it easily. With its beautiful cologne-like packaging, it can look good standing as is on your nightstand or in your bathroom cabinets.

Jimmyjane’s formula is ph-balanced that is safe to use for both vaginal and anal sex. It has a non-staining and silky texture that can easily be washed off after use. You can also assure that all ingredients used in this lubricant are all-natural, making it suitable for all skin types.

Tenga Egg Lotion

The most recommended lubricant for men, Tenga egg lotion, is water-based and good for masturbation and couple sex. The egg lotion is made from body-safe ingredients that are safe to use for penetration. A little bit of the product being ingested during intimacy wouldn’t hurt. However, it is not recommended to ingest too many as it is not made for ingestion.

The Tenga Egg Lotion comes in handy palm-sized packaging which you can carry anywhere you go. It should be stored at room temperature, avoiding humidity and direct sunlight exposure.


Picking out the best lubricant for you is just like picking out the best vibrator to suit your needs. However, with the given list of the top 10 most favoured lubricants for different occasions, you can now narrow down your options. Remember, when choosing the right lube, you must listen to your body and choose what best fits you.

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