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one of the best sex shops in Sydney

Do you want to spice up your sex life?

Let me tell you something: Visiting an adult shop in Sydney can make your sex life way more exciting. If you are single, it can help you get orgasms that are way more intense and satisfying. If you are in a couple, it can bring you closer to your partner and improve your relationship.

Shopping for sex toys is also quite funny, especially if you go with a friend or your partner. You can find many adult toys that can make you blush, and others that make you giggle!

I visited this secret adult shop in Sydney and I’m sharing my experience with you in this blog post.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to this sex shops in Sydney

an adult shop in Sydney

Can we bet that you already saw this sex shop in Sydney many times, but you didn’t dare to go in?

I know the adult cinema next door might not be your cup of tea, but if we are talking about the shop itself, it’s a great modern, non-seedy store which is a great place to explore your sexuality. Whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian or all of the above, there are many products in there that can make your sex life well… sexier.

This adult store opened their doors to the public back in the 1970s, they are pros when it comes to kinky stuff, and they can help you find your wild sexual side. They have adult stores all over Australia in all the major city centres including adult stores in Melbourne, two sex shops in Brisbane, multiple sex toy stores in Adelaide and many adult toy shops in Perth.

They also have a great online shop.

My experience in this adult shop in Sydney

one of the best sex shops in Sydney

The size of this shop impressed me, I was expecting a tiny adult shop with bad lighting, and I found a quite large store with modern displays and overall very modern feel. Very similar to their other shops in other cities in Australia.

It seems like this company understands that people got tired of seedy-looking sex shops back in the 90s and 2000s, and we want to shop for sex toys in a nice environment. Sydney is a classy city and the adult shops should be classy too! By the way I suggest that you look at a list of the 5 best adult stores in Sydney at this link:

I spent most of my time shopping in their section selling vibrators. I heard a lot about a personal vibrator called the Hitachi magic wand massager, and wanted to see if they had it in stock.

I asked the employee and they told me that actually this vibrator is not available for sale in Australia. They only sell it in the United States… I am not sure why since it’s pretty much the most famous vibrator ever made…

But they had some vibrators very similar to the Hitachi magic wand massager. One of them was called the Lelo smart wand. Another is the Fairy wand and the last one is the Oz Wand, which we reviewed in another blog post.

To be honest they look awesome quality-wise, but they were quite expensive, so I decided to check their cheaper anal toys instead. Vibrations make me itchy sometimes anyway haha.

I found a really cool butt plug made of glass, and apparently you can put it in the freezer to experiment with cold sensations.

So I went home with one of those.

I had a great time in this sex store and I’m planning to visit it again next week.

Guess which sex shop in Sydney I’m talking about?

This secret shop is the nicest adult shop I found in Sydney

They have great prices, good service and a huge selection of adult products for all tastes, even some bondage and fetish accessories.

Thanks for checking out my review of this adult store in Sydney. I suggest that you visit this weekend and see for yourself that’s it’s a goldmine of kinky adult toys.