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opening a sex shop inside the Sydney opera house would be amazing!

I woke up with a crazy idea of opening a sex shop in the most popular location in Sydney… Can you guess where it is?

I absolutely love the city of Sydney, and I also lose how classy and open-minded the people that live here are when it comes to visiting adult shops.

That’s why I wrote this blog post a few weeks ago about the top sex shops in Sydney.

Now here comes my crazy idea: Can you imagine how awesome would it be if I’d be able to open a luxury sex shop right inside Sydney’s opera house!!!

I know it sounds crazy but I will explain it to you more in detail in this blog post. Read more to find out…

Why would I open a sex shop in Sydney’s opera house?

image of a sexy lady with a face bought from a sex shop in Sydney

The real question is… Why not!

Sydney’s opera house attracts millions of tourists every year, it’s pretty much the most iconic location in Australia.

My plan is not to open a seedy adult shop selling cheap dildos, I’m thinking more about a super high-end luxury shop selling hand made lingerie costing over $1000 per piece, and also selling beautiful vibrators made of real gold, which can cost up to $15 000.

On top of that, I would sell hand made masks similar to the one shown in the photo above, and other ones similar to the masks you can find in Venice, Italy.

Right now most of Sydney’s sex shops are in the Haymarket area, according to the blog post at this link:

I know getting the proper approval from the city of Sydney would be hard for this project of opening an adult store in the opera house. But it would be totally worth it, even if I’d sell 1 gold vibrator per month the rent expenses would be covered for me shop.

Also, the novelty and controversy of wanting to open an adult shop in this location would get so much attention from the media and television.

Let me dream ok! haha

Where to find a good adult shop in Sydney?

sexy mask that I would sell insides the sex shop at Sydney's opera house

Are you wondering where to find a good adult shop in Sydney?

According to Google maps, most adult shops with good reviews are located in the Haymarket area of Sydney.

Not too far from the opera house… but still not as good as a location as my business plan explained earlier!

In my opinion, the sex shops in the middle of the city are always better than the ones located in the suburbs. They put more effort into making their stores look nice and welcoming, so you don’t feel like a criminal when entering the shop haha…

It’s fun because in Melbourne it’s quite the opposite, the adult stores in the city are quite ugly and yucky, and the ones in the suburbs are bigger, well-lit and classier. Go figure!

Sydney’s sex shops can make your sex life better

To conclude, the sex shops in Sydney are quite nice already, but I would love to see one day some bad-ass super classy and expensive adult store opening right in the Sydney opera! Until then, we’ll have to do with the usual mid-range shops that we can find in the Haymarket area of Sydney.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!