‘City of churches’ or city of sex shops?

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Have you ever wondered why Adelaide’s nickname is the city of churches?

Me too! but even better, as I was jogging this morning I was thinking to myself: Wouldn’t it be funny if there would be more sex shops in Adelaide than there are churches… Maybe I could go talk to the mayor and ask him to change the nickname of the city to ‘The City of adult shops”. How cool would that be!

That’s why I wrote this blog post about the best sex shops in Adelaide.

Let’s dig into it and I’ll show you what I discovered… Let’s get started!

Does Adelaide have more sex shops or churches?

image of sex toys in one of Adelaide's sex shops

So let’s do a bit of math.

According to news.com.au, there are 529 churches in Adelaide in total. You can check out the full article at this link.

So how many sex shops are there in Adelaide? I doubt that there is more than 500…. but still, even if there would be only 1 adult shop in the whole city, I still think it would a better place to spend my time than at church hahaha…

According to a search for adult shops in Adelaide on Google maps, I can see that there is 13 shops that have listed their address and business details on there. These shops sell sex toys, vibrators, lingerie, anal toys, butt plugs and more.

So it seems like I was really wrong in my numbers then… What if we start converting a few of those empty churches into adult stores then?

Wouldn’t that be the greatest thing ever? It would be so controversial I bet you that doing so would get a lot of attention from the media, television and the newspapers. In marketing, they call that a PR stunt, where PR means public relations.

I would love so see the numbers of churches and adult stores reverted in the future, where you could find 529 sex shops in Adelaide and only 13 churches…

Where to find a good sex shop for adults in Adelaide?

sexy mask in a sex shop in Adelaide for adults

Are you wondering where to find a good adult shop in Adelaide?

If you are looking to find Adelaide’s best sex shops, Check out this blog post: https://wixi.com.au/best-sex-shops-adelaide.

Let me give you some advice. From my experience, other cities, I would avoid any adult store that is located in the CBD or city centre. That’s because the rent cost them so much money that they tend to invest nothing in the lighting and decoration of their shop, which makes them look yucky. But also, such high rent costs can only be covered by selling really low-quality toys because they have a way higher profit margin than when you sell high-quality luxury vibrators from LELO for example.

I know because I used to own a sex shop myself. When I sold really bad quality sex toys, I could make $100 profit per sale! And if I import really good adults toys, the profit margin is about $10 to $20 per sale.

So my point is, usually you need to stay away from the adult stores located in the city centre.

But Adelaide is different.

Since real estate and rent cost less there compared to other Australia cities, most of the best adult shops are actually located right in the CBD, as you can tell by looking at this Google map.

Adelaide’s adult shops kick ass

To conclude, Adelaide’s sex shops are great and very easy to get to since most of them are located right in the middle of the city.

I suggest that you pop in and check out all the high-tech sex toys that you can buy. They stock adult products to make everyone happy, whether you are single, in a couple, gay, lesbian, or transexual.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!