Funny Entertainers to Follow

Looking for a laugh? Or perhaps just something to procrastinate the task at hand? Here are a few entertainers to follow to help delay studying for that exam or mowing the lawn…

1. Spandy Andy

Spany Andy - Entertainer Melbourne

Spandy Andy…a spandex wearing entertainer who’s goal is to spread cheer and happiness by keeping things tight and bright! You’ve probably came across one of his viral videos on Facebook or Youtube (his videos have had many millions of views), seen him on Good Morning Australia. Or perhaps you were lucky enough to catch one of his live performances at the Australian Open or in Melbourne’s CBD. He sometimes makes appearances at Melbourne’s Lock In The Love too. One of the top entertainers to follow!

Follow: Spandy Andy

2. Tubby the Robot

Tubby the Robot

Tubby the robot is an Australian entertainer that really has made it! You can catch him at most festivals in Victoria during the summer, and many other international children festivals as well. With an amazingly engineered robot suit and funny jokes for people passing by, it is definitely one of the top entertainers to follow in Australia.

Follow: Tubby the Robot

3. Circus Trick Tease

circus trick tease

Circus trick tease have done countless shows on all the continents, and often perform in their home country (Australia) at many festivals. They also post their circus tricks and funny videos on social media. For circus lovers!

Follow: Circus Trick Tease