SA Photo Booth Review

SA Photo Booth has booths for hire within the Adelaide area. They are great for taking fun photos but very entertaining for all ages. With only state of the art easy to use completely automatic digital touchscreen technology and up to date computers with high definition cameras. Unlike most open photobooths where the camera is further away from you and taking pictures of your whole body including legs you appear very small in the photo strips. Our booths take photo’s of your head and chest area close up so you can actually see yourself in the photo strips. Our Booths have live onscreen viewing before each shot so you can set them up as you desire. We can also change background colour for colour themes. Prints duel unlimited photo strips printed and cut to size in 16 seconds then up load to facebook (optional). There are 4 photos on the strips with texting on the bottom of your choice included. One for your quest to take home and one for you as an ever lasting memory.The booth also has a reprint feature exclusive to Sa Photobooth Hire. Lets say four people are in the booth and want a copy each, By A simple touch of the screen you can reprint the strips. All photos of the event are saved and will be given to the hirer for free, on either CD or USB for later viewing or printing.

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