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Image of a sex shop in Brisbane

Did you notice that more and more adult shops are opening in Brisbane? That’s right, more and more people think that visiting a sex shop in Brisbane is not a big deal anymore. And many Australians are open about it and talk about it with their friends. I was wondering why is that? Only 15 years ago adult shops were considered seedy and ‘only for weirdos’. So how did Australians change their point of view so quick?

I wanted to share my opinion with you in this article.

Let’s get started!

Sex shops in Brisbane have become more classy

image of an adult shop in Brisbane

One of the main reason why more people visit these type of shops is that overall, the shops are gone better and classier.

I’ve visited some shops in Fortitude valley that literally look like designer handbag shops, but instead of selling handbags they sell luxury sex toys, vibrators, anal plugs and lingerie etc.

I suggest that you go on Google Maps and find the shops with the best reviews, and usually you can also see images of what the sex shop looks like from the inside, so you will know right away if it’s a classy adult shop or if it’s one with glory holes in the walls hahaha…

I personally love the shops who sell Swedish luxury vibrators like LELO, in my opinion it’s the best brand ever. Or you can go for a classic vibrator like the Hitachi magic wand in Australia, but’s it’s harder to find that the popular European brands of sex toys. I do recommend the Hitachi magic wand massager, since it’s the most popular vibrator ever since 1965, apparently its vibrations have the exact frequency needed to help a woman get an orgasm quick.

The Hitachi Magic Wand made sex shops in Brisbane less scary

sex shops in Brisbane stock the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

I personally think that sex toys that don’t look like sex toys are the best and that they are an important reason why sex shops in Brisbane are getting more popular. Let me explain this to you:

Did you ever walk into a sex shop and saw those creepy half body silicone dolls, head chopped off and plastic vaginas everywhere… I did, and it made me feel like I was walking into a serial killer basement haha. Modern vibrators like the Hitachi magic wand in Australia changed the game, since they look like normal body massagers you could find in MYER or David Jones.

Many companies got inspired by the more approachable look of this vibrator and created similar massagers that are very popular. One of these company is called Oz Wand in Australia, which you can find at this website here and also at their 2nd website here.

Vibrators are gone so classy and trendy that many of them even look like flowers now! You can find them in many shops around Brisbane.

I would strongly recommend that you check the LELO range of sex toys, they are all classy and amazing.

So to conclude this paragraph, gone are the days where you walk into an adult shop and have to stare at photos of close-up pussy on packaging, or have to walk by monster dildos on the way to the cashier haha.

if you wish to find the best adult stores in the city, please read the article at this link:

Thanks to the Hitachi Magic Wand for making Brisbane’s sex shops better!

We should all be thankful that great products like the Hitachi Magic Wand helped make adult shops in Brisbane more classy and welcoming.

Now we can all feel comfortable while exploring our sexuality and shopping to make our sex life more fun. Talking about this, I will stop writing this article and go shopping for that cool vibrating butt plug I saw for my partner…

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!