4 Unusual things to do in Brisbane

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So you might be wondering what to do today? Hey don’t worry, I have days like that! there are tons of new things to do in Brisbane that you might not even have heard about! In this blog post I will show you a few unusual things to do in Brisbane. You might be surprised at how fun they can be…

Visit a toy shop in Brisbane

toy shop in Brisbane

Now I know what you are thinking. “Dude I am 35 years old, why would I visit a toy shop in Brisbane? Shouldn’t I be visiting one of Brisbane’s sex shops for adults instead?”

Well, there are many reasons why you should visit a toy shop.

First, I’m sure you have a niece, or maybe you have children yourself, or your best friend has a little kid. Remember the old saying that says that there is more joy to give than to receive. Why not spend a day that you are bored at home not knowing what to do, to go buy toys and make a child happy? That would definitely make his or her day, and yours as well.

Secondly, toy shops in Brisbane have toys for adults too, like giant Jenga games or giant outdoor games. That would definitely be a hit at your next work BBQ!

Hire a a bouncing castle in Brisbane

hire a bouncing castle in Brisbane

Since we are already talking about group events like BBQs, do you even realise how much more fun a BBQ is when you hire a bouncing Castle in Brisbane?

Whether it’s a bouncing castle for kids or for adults, it will add color to your event, keep your guests engaged and entertained, and bring back the inner child in you!

We wrote a blog post to help you find the best bouncing castles in Brisbane. And when the kids are done with it and all your guests went back home, it can be an interesting place to try out the new adult toys you picked up with your partner at that adult shop in Brisbane last weekend…

Visit a sex shop in Brisbane and buy some adult toys

sex shop in Brisbane for adults

Have you ever even been inside a sex shop? If yes, good! If no, I suggest that you try it once or twice, and you will soon realise that visiting an adult shop in Brisbane can be a lot of fun, make you giggle, make you blush, and really open your mind when it comes exploring your kinky side.

Brisbane’s adult shops are nice, modern, and classy, so you can feel good while you shop for sex toys or vibrators.

To keep spicing up my sex life, I try to visit a sex shop in Brisbane 1 time every 2 weeks with my partner.

When you shop for adult toys in a sex store, it’s a fun activity to bond as a couple, even if you are just window shopping and won’t actually buy anything.

Visiting a sex shop for adults in Brisbane is definitely one of my top usual things to do in this city.

Hire a photo booth in Brisbane

hire a photo booth in Brisbane

Did you ever hire a photo booth in Brisbane?

If you never did, I strongly suggest that you do it for your next event!

It’s a lot of fun, and you will see even the older guests at your event have a blast and giggle a  lot.

You can also hire a photo booth for your event for marketing purposes because people will take home a printed photo strip with your brand and logo on it, you can also add your contact info, and even stick magnets on the back so people can have it on their refrigerator.

Hiring a photo booth in Brisbane is definitely an unusual thing to do, and it’s really fun.

Now go have fun!

Now that you got a few ideas of unusual things to do in Brisbane, get out there and have fun!

Whether you decide to hire a photo booth, or hire a bouncing castle, find some toy shops, or even adult shops, I wish you a lovely day in this beautiful city!