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Don’t know what to do today? Hey don’t worry, we all have days like that! the truth is that there are many new things to do an explore in your city that you might not even have heard about! Check out this list of 4 unusual things to do in Melbourne. You might be surprised at how fun they can be…

Go Skydiving in Melbourne!

skydiving in Melbourne

Yes, obviously I was going to include this activity on my list, what were you thinking?!

Whether you are a teenager or a man who reached his mid-life existential crisis and don’t know if there is anything else to try on this planet… well you got it. Skydiving in Melbourne is the ultimate challenge that anyone absolutely needs to tick off their bucket list and try once in their life. When you skydive in Melbourne for the first time, your body and brain are essentially releasing adrenaline like crazy as is might seem like a death-defying situation.

If you are too stressed out after this crazy experience, you can always drop in an adult shop in Melbourne and find some sex toys to relax you haha…

Definitely one of the top unusual things to do in this city!

Book the airport parking in Melbourne in advance for your next trip!

airport parking in Melbourne

OK I must admit, this one is a bit lame and I do have the writer’s block today so bear with me! haha

I know that booking airport parking in Melbourne might not seem exciting, but you know what is even worse? Stressing out the day you travel to your next holiday because you didn’t book an airport parking in advance! It happened to me twice: Instead of being relaxed and excited about your holiday, you stress out like crazy because once you arrive at the airport in Melbourne, you realise that the closest airport parking is full and that you have to park far away and wait 20 minutes for the free shuttle bus which takes you from your airport parking to the Melbourne international airport.

You also miss your flight and argue with your partner as well. Doesn’t sound fun right?

Even if you planned a trip to the sex shop before your holiday and bought a whole bunch of adult toys and accessories to try to spice up your sex life, not sure if you will actually use them if you argue during your trip haha…

So suck it up, and spend 20 minutes researching the best parking at Melbourne’s airports so you have a smooth start to your next holiday.

So even if you tell me that this suggestion is lame, I still think it’s one of the best usual things to do in Melbourne when you are bored!

Visit a sex shop in Melbourne and buy some adult toys

sex shop in Melbourne for adults

If you haven’t done this already, exploring your kinky side by visiting a sex shop in Melbourne can be great fun and really open your mind when it comes to your sexuality. Melbourne’s adult shops are super clean, modern, and friendly, so you can feel good while shopping for interesting stuff that you might put up your butt haha…

To keep my sex life more interesting, I try to visit a sex shop in Melbourne 1 time per month with my partner. Shopping for sex toys in an adult store is a fun couple bonding activity by itself, even if you don’t buy anything.

I know their bondage section might look scary with all the leather whips and stuff, but you can start by buying some cute little pink fluffy handcuffs and tie up your partner and realize how much a little dominant roleplay can be.

Visiting a sex shop for adults in Melbourne is definitely one of my top usual things to do in this city.

Hire a photo booth in Melbourne

hire a photo booth in Melbourne

Did you ever hire a photo booth for your event in Melbourne?

If you never tried, do it now! It’s so much fun, and it literally turns everyone at your event into a big kid.

Dressing up with the funny props and costumes that come with a photo booth will definitely make you and your mates giggle.

The first time I saw a photo booth that was hired in Melbourne, it was at my friend’s wedding. I couldn’t believe how many times people were going to take their photo and dress up, it was a huge success and it even convinced me to start a photo booth business with my friend haha.

Hiring a photo booth is definitely an unusual thing to do in Melbourne, and it’s super fun.

Now go have fun!

Now that you have read my suggestions for unusual things to do in Melbourne, get out there and go have fun!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!