Which city has the most sex shops in Australia?

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neon sign in a sex shop in Perth

Have you ever wondered which city has the most sex shops in Australia?

You guessed it after looking at the photo above…

Perth is the city with the most adult shops per population in Australia. Why is that? Are people more horny in Perth? Or more open-minded? Does the weather influence people in some way? I wanted to find out the real reasons and share them with you. That’s why I wrote this article about the sex shops in Perth. Let’s start investigating and see what I discovered…

Let’s get started!

How many sex shops are open in Perth?

image of sex toys in one of Perth's sex shops

I did a little bit of research on Google maps and Google search results to find out exactly how many adult stores are in Perth. I even did some research in old school business directories that list all the sex shops in Perth…. even flipped the pages of a physical phone book!

So how many adult shops are there exactly in the city? The answer is…. 16.

That is huge considering Perth is quite a small city. For example, Melbourne city centre only has 7 sex shops and the population is more than double than Perth’s population.

Actually a pool done by a large newspaper showed that Perth is one of the horniest city in Australia.

One adult shop franchise has over 11 stores around Perth only, while other franchises in Australia have 10 stores in the entire country.

Seems like Perth’s residents are more open-minded about adult stores and the use of sex toys and vibrators to pleasure themselves.

Where to find a good sex shop for adults in Perth?

sexy mask in a sex shop in Perth for adults

You might be wondering where to find a good adult shop in Perth?

The answer really depends on what you are into. Some shops focus on cheap, fun bachelorette and bucks night party products, while other stock more kind of luxury vibrators from Sweden, and there are those black and red shop full of leather and bondage accessories. I am not into fetish or BDSM myself, but according to the number of bondage products that are being sold online, many people love this type of roleplay in the bedroom.

If you are looking to find Perth’s best sex shops, IĀ found a very good list at this link: https://wixi.com.au/best-sex-shops-perth.

Please keep in mind that many of those bloggers get affiliate commissions if you buy adult products at the shops that they recommend. So when you see a shop that’s written as the best in the city, I’m sure it’s good but it doesn’t mean that it is the best for what you need. So don’t be afraid of digging down a bit further and checking the other stores for adults down the list. Sometimes a shop listed as the 5th best in Perth, might be the best for the type of sex toys or vibrators that you are looking for.

Perth’s adult shops are here to stay

To conclude, Perth’s sex shops are here to stay for the long run, every year I see more and more shops opening in the city, and it seems like the people living here are more open about their sexuality every year that goes by.

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