Why are most sex shops and adult shops so seedy?

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Image of a sex shop in Melbourne

Did you notice that most sex shops in Melbourne look really seedy and creepy? Even when walking in front of the shops without even going inside, most adult shops give out a weird vibe, and often they have ugly headless mannequins wearing dusty feather boas… How hard is it to have an adult store and make it looks nice and welcoming? Why is no one doing it!

I wanted to share my opinion with you in this article.

Let’s get started!

The reason why Melbourne sex shops are seedy

image of an adult shop in Melbourne

Let’s face it, even when only looking at them from outside, the sex shops in the city of Melbourne are not welcoming.

They often have no windows, if they do, they cover them up with dusty sun-faded curtains. It makes me feel like I’m going into some dodgy basement to buy drugs or weapons haha!

So I went to do my little investigation. I found the only decent, classier seed shops in Melbourne online by looking at the blog post at this link: https://wixi.com.au/best-sex-shops-melbourne. I called the owner and try to set up an interview with her, I guess I am becoming a sed toy journalist or something haha.

What I realized over the years is that people love talking about their businesses, they are very proud of their accomplishments and no matter how busy they are, they always have time to speak to journalists about their business. So we met up in a coffee shop located not too far from her adult shop in the center of Melbourne.

Now I won’t list which adult store she owns in this article as my purpose is not to do any type of promotion, but let’s say that it’s the only that actually stock luxury vibrators and adult toy, gold plated butt plugs and classy anal toys and lingerie.

Let’s dig into the details in the next paragraph.

Answers from a sex shop owner in Melbourne

sex shops in Melbourne for adults

After sitting down in a hip coffee shop in the middle of Melbourne, she starts explaining to me that she opened her sex shop about 10 years ago, and back then it was still more regulated and harder to find a neighbourhood or city council that would let you open a shop selling adult toys and vibrators.

She says that she realized that the profit margins on the product she sells are quite small, about 10% profit, so when you own an adult shop you need to make a choice and decide what type of store will you be. The first choice is to be a cheap, ugly sex shop with bad lighting, bad products but with huge profit margins. she said that you can buy sex toys for as cheap as $3 in Asia and resell them for $100!

The 2nd choice, which is the one she made, if to open a classy and welcoming shop. This makes people feel good and safe, and she stocks luxury adult products that help people feel sexier, but of course make her less money since the profit margins are way smaller on these adult items.

Did she make the right decision?

She says yes. Apparently she helped save many marriages over the years, and has many regular thankful customers. She loves her job and brings happiness to the community. She says she had to invest over $150 000 just in decoration to make the shop attractive and noon-seedy.

Wow that’s a lot of money… I understand that the owners of other sex shops in Melbourne owner would just take any old shop and buy the cheapest furniture to save money.

Thanks to this adult shop owner for making Melbourne’s sex shops better!

We should all be thankful that some people out there choose to make less money with the purpose of making adult shops in Melbourne more classy and welcoming.

Now we all have at least 1 adult store in Melbourne that is not seedy, where we can feel good while shopping for intimate toys to improve our sex life.

Thanks for reading my blog post and have a lovely day!