Adult shop owner explains the reason why most sex shops look dodgy

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neon sign in a sex shop in Melbourne

Have you ever wondered why most sex shops in Melbourne look dodgy?

I mean how hard is it to set up an adult shop to make it look fun? Let’s find out…

I am wondering this too you know what I mean. I just want to spice up my sex life with my girlfriend, and the only option that we have in Melbourne is to go to dark, dusty adult shops right next door from an adult cinema where some creepy dudes are touching themselves together… Are you fed up with this situation? Well me too! That’s why I wrote this article about Melbourne’s sex shops for adults. I want to help you understand the real reasons why there is not a single adult store owner in the city that puts a bit of effort to make his or her shop more welcoming.

Let’s get started!

So why exactly do sex shops in Melbourne look dodgy?

image of sex toys in one of Melbourne's sex shops

Before we start let me tell you a little bit about my story. I actually used to own a shop myself and here are the things that I learned from my experience

I was a bit naive and my goal was to have one of the best sex shops in Melbourne and pretty much revolutionise the industry.

So as I was starting to grow my business, I started to learn that when you buy luxury vibrators or sex toys from amazing brands in Sweden, the profit margin is so small, about 10%, on a $250 sale. That’s very little profit to sell such an expensive adult toy. So how I am supposed to spend a lot of money just to my make shop more pretty? It would literally take 15 years to repay… I know some of my friends have shops and they spent around $200 000 to decorate them.

So I realised that this is not even an option and try to find ways to make more profit selling sex toys in my adult shop in Melbourne.

I found out how. The key is to buy really cheap products from China, some of them can cost you only $5, and you resell them for over $100.

But what’s the catch? I soon found out that all these cheap toys are made from cheap plastic and material that are very bad for your body. You are only supposed to insert objects in your body if they are made with body-safe material or medical grade silicone. Otherwise, it can be really bad for you and even give you cancer in the long run. So why are most of Melbourne’s sex shops selling them? They don’t care I guess, and they make 5 times more profit when they sell this compared to selling luxury vibrators from Sweden.

That makes sense right?

So is there any classy sex shop in Melbourne?

photo outside of a sex shop in Melbourne for adults

The answer is yes!

They are rare and hard to find, but some shop owners do choose to invest more money to make their adult stores more classy and welcoming.

So where can you find them?

My advice would be to not look for them in the city centre, but instead go on Google maps or even research some blog posts about how to avoid seedy stores. By doing so, you will soon realise that wherever the nice restaurants, bars and boutiques are located in the city, that is also where you can find the rare, classy adult stores. If you are looking for those classier stores for adults, I found a very good list at this link:

These shops sell expensive products, let’s face it. But in my opinion, they are totally worth the higher price tags. All their products are of super high-quality, their lingerie is gorgeous and sexy and their staff members are usually more friendly and knowledgeable and can give you better advice on what sex toy is good for you.

To conclude, there are still some good adult shops in Melbourne

To conclude, I hope you have a better understanding of why most of Melbourne’s sex shops look a bit dodgy, and also have learned where to look for the better adult stores in the city.

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